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Why is it important to keep your home and car smoke free?

  • 17,000 children under the age of 5 years go to hospital each year because of illness caused by secondhand smoke
  • It makes asthma much worse
  • Smoking doubles the risk of cot death
  • Smoking inside increases the risk of house fire by 35%
  • 85% of smoke is invisible
  • Smoke hangs around for over 2 hours after a cigarette is put out
  • Smoke sticks to everything including carpets, cushions, car seats and your pet’s fur
  • The amount of poisonous Carbon Monoxide in a smoky car is up to 3 times higher than on a busy rush hour road

You can protect your family from secondhand smoke if you step right out of your home and car to smoke.

Top tips to keep your home and car smoke free

  1. Put an ashtray near the outside door where smokers can easily pick it up when going out for a cigarette
  2. Keep an umbrella and a pair of slip on shoes by the door
  3. If you live with a smoker, be sympathetic about their desire to smoke but be firm about your right to live in a smoke free home
  4. Tell your visitors why you made the commitment to keep your home and cars smoke free

Benefits to Smoke free Environments

  1. It will improve the health of your children
  2. It will improve the health of your pets
  3. Your children won’t see you smoking and will be less likely to start smoking themselves
  4. It may help you to cut down
  5. It will decrease the risk of a fire starting in your home
  6. It will keep your house looking and smelling fresh, which is nice to live in and will help the resale value

The Smoke free Homes & Cars Pledge

The pledge encourages smokers to:

  • Keep your children and pets safe from cigarette smoke
  • Find local support if you need help to quit smoking
  • Share your story- if you have decided to smoke outside to protect your children
  • The Smoke free Homes and Cars Pledge aims to encourage smokers to smoke outside of their homes and cars and keep their children and pets safe from second-hand smoke

The aim of the pledge is to remind smokers of the dangers of second-hand smoke to their children, families and pets.

Call Quit Ready Stop Smoking Service on 0345 646 66 66 for help, support and advice.


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