Heidi and Nick, Enderby


A couple from Enderby have proved that you can go from quitter to fitter by ditching the cigarettes.  Nick, a former smoker of 25 years said:


“We decided to give up after years of smoking.  The kids were getting on at us to stop, and I’m not getting any younger. I thought it was time to start looking after myself and get a bit fitter.”


The couple contacted QuitReady, and successfully quit with the support of their advisor and use of an e-cigarette. They have both been smokefree for more than 12-weeks and have found they have a lot more energy.

Since quitting, Nick has started running a couple of times a week and the couple have taken up badminton. Heidi has also joined the gym and taken up some new exercise classes.

“I feel so much better exercising now I don’t smoke.” said Heidi “I’ve just got so much more energy and I can run around without my chest hurting.”


Watch Heidi and Nick’s film to hear more about their smokefree journey.



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