For the sake of your children, your health and your pets, keep your home and car smokefree

Every five days someone dies from a fire caused by cigarettes or smoking materials. Fires caused by smoking materials are the biggest killers in accidental house fires.

Watch the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service video about the fire risks of smoking at home (with British Sign Language signing).

Did you know?

  • 17,000 children under the age of five go to hospital every year because of illness caused by secondhand smoke
  • Smoke hangs around for two and a half hours after a cigarette is put out
  • Smoking in the home doubles the chance of cot death
  • Secondhand smoke makes conditions worse for asthma sufferers
  • Smoking indoors increases the risk of a house fire by 35%
  • Smoke sticks to everything including carpets, cushions, car seats and your pet’s fur

Benefits of a smokefree home

  • It will improve the health of your children
  • Your children won’t see you smoking and will be less likely to start smoking themselves
  • It will improve the health of your pets
  • It may help you to cut down and eventually quit
  • Your house will look and smell fresher

Top tips to keep your home and car smokefree

  • Keep an ashtray, umbrella and slip-on shoes near the outside door for smokers to use when going out for a cigarette
  • Be sympathetic about smokers’ desire to smoke, but firm about your right to live in a smokefree home
  • Tell visitors why you have committed to keeping your home and car smokefree

Remember, you can only protect your family from secondhand smoke if you step right out of your home and car to smoke.

You can request a FREE home fire safety check from the Leicestershire Fire Service.