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Peter, 60 – Hinckley       

Over the 40 years that Peter had been smoking, he had tried giving up six times, but had only lasted for a few days before going back to cigarettes.

However when a niggly cough began to get worse and he started coughing up blood, he realised it was time to make a change for good.  Having failed to give up smoking on his own previously, he decided that this time he would get some help and phoned QuitReady.


‘It was so convenient, my advisor Bev phoned me at home once a week, and my patches arrived through the post.’


Peter had been smoking up to 30 a day, so his Bev also suggested he try Niquitin minis alongside the patches. He swallowed one each time he had a craving and they made the tricky times of day when he was used to smoking more manageable, such as first thing in the morning with his cup of tea or after a meal.

Within a month Peter had noticed a marked improvement to his health and by the end of his twelve week quit plan, his cough had disappeared.


‘I hadn’t realised how much smoking had been affecting my health. As well as getting rid of my cough,
I can walk much further now without getting out of breath and I feel so much more energetic’


Peter’s non-existent appetite has returned too and with the extra money he has saved, he can splash out a bit more at meal times.


‘Before I just ate the bare minimum to survive, but now I am enjoying three meals a day and feel so much better for it.
I’d definitely recommend the service. I’d tried to give up in the past, but this time was different because of the
support I got from Bev.  If you’re thinking of giving up, just go for it. If I can do it, you can too!’


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