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Louise, 47 – Earl Shilton

Louise had been smoking for around 27 years.  Along with her husband, they were getting through up to 35 cigarettes a day and had talked about quitting a lot of times.

 It was a holiday to Wales that finally made them take the plunge – they wanted to climb Mount Snowden but decided they wouldn’t be able to do it as they would get out of breath too easily.  

Tired of feeling limited by smoking, Louise called her GP who gave her QuitReady’s telephone number.  Louise had tried to give up using a stop smoking service before, but having to attend face to face clinics was difficult to fit in around her work schedule.


‘I loved the convenience of having Glenis (my adviser) at the end of the phone, it made it so much easier to stick with.  It also
meant that  if I was struggling, she was just a phone call away and I didn’t have to wait for an appointment’


Since quitting, Louise and her husband are saving a staggering £450 a month and are both feeling healthier and more energetic.  However, for Louise the main benefit of quitting has been the impact on her social life.


‘Smoking was really getting in the way of doing the things we wanted to do.  Going to the cinema or even going out for a meal
is so much hassle as a smoker.  We often had to walk a long way to go for a cigarette and ended up spending half the evening outside.’
‘None of our friends smoked and I’d started to feel self-conscious that I was always nipping out for a cigarette.’


Louise’s positive experience of the service means she is happy to recommend QuitReady to others.


‘Go for it – take advantage of the free service and if you decide to give up, take it
one day at a time.  Be kind to yourself, treat yourself and eat chocolate!’


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