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Angie, 46 – Hinckley

Angie had been smoking for 30 years when she decided it was time to stop. At the time Angie and her husband were smoking around 40 a day between them and, as the cost of cigarettes was creeping up, this was really eating into their finances.  She wasn’t enjoying smoking that much anymore and that, combined with concerns about the impact of smoking on her future health made her decide it was time to quit.

Angie and her husband were given the QuitReady number by their GP and haven’t looked back.

After discussing the options available to her, Angie opted to give up using patches and a nicotine inhaler. These along with the weekly phone calls from her Stop Smoking Advisor Glenis really helped her kick the habit.


‘Knowing Glenis was just a phone call away if I had a problem, gave me
the confidence to carry on, even when I was struggling with cravings’


The fact that the patches were free and sent directly to their home, also helped make the whole experience easier.


‘Cigarettes are cheaper than patches in the supermarket, so you end up opting for a
packet of fags, but having them sent to us for free meant no more excuses’


After giving up for just three months Angie and her husband have already saved enough money to buy new decking for their garden and a car! Life changing purchases with money they would otherwise have just spent on cigarettes.


‘We would recommend the service to anyone, Glenis was so friendly and
supportive and giving up smoking has really changed our lives for the better.’


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