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Lynn, 48 – Whitwick


Mum-of-three Lynn Robinson says losing her mum to lung disease has been a trigger for quitting smoking herself.


“Her passing made me realise how precious life is and it was a massive factor
in me giving up.  It’s been more than six months since I quit and I never think
about having a cigarette. It’s been brilliant.”


The health of Lynn’s grandson, also contributed to her mindset. He has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition, but he’s beaten the odds and is doing really well now.


“I want to spend time with him and the rest of the family – that’s so important
to me.  I want to spend time with him as he grows up, doing all
the  grandparent stuff. That’s been the incentive to quit.”


Lynn has also praised the support she has received from the QuitReady team.


“The service has been great.  It really suits me that it’s not appointment based.
I’m also a full time carer and it can be really difficult to find time to make
appointments, so it’s brilliant that I can ring my advisor at any time for
support if it’s needed.”


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