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Lewis, 51 – Hinckley

The 51-year-old IT specialist, who has played in a number of rock and tribute bands, was a 40-a-day man for more than 20 years, but has quit the habit after support from QuitReady.


 ‘I didn’t actually start smoking until I was 29, but I had some health issues and smoking actually helped me to handle stress and that’s when I
started buying them regularly. I smoked 40 a day for the best part of 20 years and if I was gigging with bands it could be up to 70.’


Over the past couple of years, Lewis and his wife, also a smoker, had made a concerted effort to reduce the number they smoked.  However the longest Lewis had managed without a cigarette was just one day.

Lewis was referred to QuitReady by his GP and now he’s been smoke free for more than three months and he says he’s feeling good.


‘Initially, I didn’t think the telephone service would be as good as seeing someone, but talking to Glenys (my QuitReady advisor)
really worked and  it gave me the resolve to quit.  It’s been such a  positive experience as it fits around my work and there’s always
the possibility, if necessary, to rearrange our chat. Easy access to the service did make things a lot easier.’


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