Mark*, Markfield

The coronavirus lockdown had just come into effect when 62-year-old driver Mark* decided it was time to quit smoking. Having previously kicked the habit 20 years ago through his own determination, he began to smoke again in 2015.

“I managed to quit completely for 15 years, but gradually picked it up again – and, although I’d cut down the number of cigarettes I smoked each day, I noticed they were starting to creep back up.”

Mark gave the Quit Ready service a call and was put in touch with his adviser, Liz, with whom he began a 12-week programme of telephone sessions. He was also helped to move onto an e-cigarette, which he found worked well.

“I’ve got a couple of weeks left of the programme and I’ve found it really supportive throughout. Liz has been a great help and enabled me to move straight onto an e-cigarette on the lowest strength available.”

Now smoke-free, Mark plans to maintain his progress by seeing how things stand after the 12th week:

“I hope I’ll be able to stop using the e-cig after the last session, but we’ll see. In the beginning I was vaping every hour or so, but on Liz’s advice I’ve started keeping it in a kitchen cupboard, which has meant I’m now using it every couple of hours.”

Asked whether he would you recommend the Quit Ready service, and what additional advice he would give to those struggling to give up smoking, Mark’s reply was certain:

“Definitely, without a shadow of a doubt. I’d encourage anyone looking to quit in Leicestershire to give Quit Ready a call. Success is also down to how much you personally want to stop – you’ve got to have the will and the determination to do it.”


*Name has been changed in line with service user’s wish to remain anonymous.

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