Colin, Coalville

With retirement on the horizon, Colin decided that if he was going to quit his 10-20 a day habit, it was now or never.

He had tried to quit in the past, using everything from patches to hypnotherapy, but he had always ended up smoking again.  However, after a chat with a QuitReady advisor at an event, he signed up for our support and decided to try quitting with an E-Cig.


“It wasn’t actually my first attempt quitting with an E-Cig, I’d tried one before when they first came out.  It didn’t work for me then, but the E-Cig I got through QuitReady was great.  My advisor helped me choose the right nicotine levels too.”


Colin has been smokefree for over three months now:


“It was tricky when I first retired as I had more free time, but the E-Cig helped me to keep my hands busy and I’m doing really well now.  My wife also helped by giving me lots of jobs around the house, to keep my mind off smoking!”


“I never smoked around the grandkids and decided I didn’t want them to see me vaping either.  So Zahida, my advisor, sent me some nicotine chewing gum which I use when I’m looking after them or when I’m in the car.”


How has your life changed since quitting?


“I hadn’t really noticed any health problems while I was smoking, so I’ve been surprised by how good I feel now I’ve quit.  I’m sleeping much better and I don’t get out of breath mowing the lawn.”


Quitting has been life-changing for Colin’s dog as well:


“The dog gets taken on much longer walks now as I don’t wheeze, and I’m not constantly thinking about getting back for a cigarette.”


Would you recommend the service to other people thinking of quitting?


“Absolutely!  In fact both my daughter and grandson have already signed up with QuitReady.”


What would you say to anyone else who is thinking of giving up smoking?


“If you want to quit, go for it.  I found the first month difficult, but with the right support and changing some your habits, you can do it.”


“I’m feeling fitter than I have in years and there’s more money in the bank.  I’m looking forward to really enjoying my retirement now.”



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